ARBA Annual Meeting Minutes 9-23-2011

by Site Admin on September 23, 2011

Out-going president Cindy Cieciwa welcomed ARBA members and the Board at the Annual Meeting held in the historic Storrowtown Tavern on the fairgrounds of the Big E, in West Springfield, MA. ARBA members from the following states were represented: CA, OR, NJ, PA, OH, MI, NY, CT, NH, RI, IA and IL.

After a welcome, Cindy Cieciwa recognized Anne McIntyre Lahner for her efforts spearheading the organization of the ARBA National Show & Sale as well as thanked Ron Andress for his efforts on behalf of the Sales Committee. The Old Board was introduced – Board members present were Anne McIntyre Lahner (District 1), Christine Bazant (At Large), Ron Andress (At Large), Scott Culver (District 4), Randy Thompson (District 5) and Carol Pasheilich (At Large.) Secretary/Treasurer Christiane Payton was also there. Unable to attend were out going Vice President Margaret Walters, Dan Pence (District 3), Becky Petrick (District 6) and Michelle Reilly (District 2.)

As part of its 100 year anniversary celebration, the 2012 ARBA Annual Meeting is scheduled to take place in Salem Oregon in conjunction with the District 5 show at the Oregon State Fair. Cindy went on to report on positive trends in memberships as well as registration and transfers, all of which combine to create for a healthy financial situation despite the tough economic times. Charlene Carlisle and Ed Julian were recognized for their efforts in promoting ARBA youth participation at the All American Junior Show and former Board member, Jane Caulfield, was mentioned for her work on the ARBA records archive project.

Committee Reports

Advertising: Carol Pasheilich told members of past and present ARBA advertising campaigns, including the ad placed in the Banner and Sheep Magazine as well as smaller ads placed in fiber festival catalogs.

National Show & Sale: Anne McIntyre Lahner reported that the ARBA National Show was to start promptly at 8 am on September 24th and that there were free workshops as part of a Focus on Fiber, that was held in conjunction with the show and sale.

Youth: Ron Andress spoke of a youth specific mailing that promoted enthusiasm and participation at local shows as well as at the All American. ARBA junior members also learned more about the Morris Culver Scholarship Award from the letter. Youth participation at the All American was strong with roughly 16 ARBA junior members attending and showing their sheep.

By Laws: The By laws committee had a quiet year in 2011 with the exception of one change that allows juniors over 18 years of age to sign up as active members, thereby getting a vote in ARBA elections, but still being able to show as juniors until their 21st birthday and being eligible for the Morris Culver Scholarship award.

Policies & Procedures: Scott Culver announced that the committee had dealt with several different topics throughout the year, including a revision of the forms for new memberships, renewals and creating guidelines for nominating committees.

Morris Culver Scholarship Award: In 2011, the 3rd Morris Culver Scholarship Award was given to Sydney McBride of Hobart, WA. She was chosen from a set of 4 applicants and won based on the combined score of a panel of judges. Scott Culver, son of Morris Culver, made the announcement.

Following the committee reports, Cindy Cieciwa introduced Ron Andress as ARBA’s next President and recognized the New Board members, Charlene Carlisle, Hilary Chapin, Ed Julian and Tracy Haslem, all of whom were present. After all those attending the meeting had the chance to introduce themselves, dinner was served and the results of the silent auction were announced (50% of the total proceeds of $630 went to the Morris Culver Scholarship Award and 50% to the ARBA records archive project.)

Submitted by Secretary C. Payton 10/9/2011

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