ARBA New Board Meeting 9-25-2011

by Site Admin on September 25, 2011

President Ron Andress called the meeting to order at 9:12 am EST. In attendance were ARBA Board members Charlene Carlisle (Vice President),Tracy Haslem (At Large), Carol Pasheilich (At Large), Hilary Chapin (District 1), Ed Julian (District 3), Scott Culver (District 4) and Randy Thompson (District 5) as well as Secretary/Treasurer Christiane Payton.

Ron Andress had the Board members introduce themselves and welcomed guest, Christine Bazant. He then reviewed some of the decisions of the Old Board meeting dated 9/23/2011 for informational purposes. These included the creation of a new application for membership as well as for membership renewal, directives regarding the duties of directors, the functioning of nominating committees as well as the decision to have ASR deposit funds on ARBA’s behalf for services rendered.

Ron also announced that the Morris Culver Memorial Scholarship Fund had grown to $850 for the year 2012 as the result of contributions from the 2 animals donated to the national sale as well as from 50% of the funds from the silent auction held in conjunction with the 2011 Member Dinner/Annual Meeting.

The first order of business was for the New Board to appoint the Secretary/Treasurer. Scott Culver moved that Christiane Payton be retained as ARBA Secretary/Treasurer for the fiscal year 2011-2012. Tracy Haslem seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

As Ron Andress had previously served as an At Large director, prior to his election as ARBA’s President, it was required that his vacated seat be filled by an ARBA member in good standing. Ron had spoken with Jane Caulfield of TN to ask if she would be willing to serve out his term and she had agreed. Vice President Charlene Carlisle communicated with Willis Plank of MI, who had also agreed to serve out the one year term in the event that he was appointed by the Board. Following a Board discussion, Tracy Haslem moved to nominate Willis Plank to serve as an ARBA Director At Large to serve for a one year term. A closed vote was held and the ARBA Board elected Willis Plank to replace Ron Andress as an At Large Director for the 2011-2012.

The next order of business was the organization of ARBA’s standing committees. As per the ARBA bylaws, all standing committees must have a minimum of 2 Board members.

  1. Advertising – Carol Pasheilich. Hilary Chapin joined the committee which also includes ARBA members Dee Heinrich and Joanne Smith.
  2. Artificial Insemination/Embryo Transfer – Randy Thompson. Tracy Haslem was added to the AI/ET committee.
  3. Budget & Finance – Ron Andress, Charlene Carlisle, Christiane Payton. Tracy Haslem was added to the Budget & Finance Committee.
  4. ByLaws – Scott Culver – a second Board member still needs to be added to this committee. Anne McIntyre Lahner volunteered to stay on the committee as an ARBA member.
  5. Policy & Procedures – Scott Culver – Ed Julian added.
  6. Website – Carol Pasheilich – Charlene Carlisle, Randy Thompson and Christiane Payton.
  7. Youth – Charlene Carlisle – Ron Andress, Ed Julian, Tracy Haslem and Hilary Chapin.

In 2012, regional shows are planned for districts 2,4, and 6. The District 2 Regional Show is scheduled to take place at the Garden State Breeders Sheep & Fiber Festival in Ringoes, NJ on September 8 & 9, 2012 – Romneys are to be the featured breed. The District 4 Regional Show is to also be the site for the 2012 ARBA Annual Meeting. Plans are for this to take place at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, OR in August 2012. There was no information about the District 6 Regional Show.

Scott Culver told the Board that he hoped to organize a big celebration for the ARBA 100 year anniversary, including a centennial logo competition – Board members were shown examples of the recent Shropshire logo which had been developed in conjunction with their association’s centennial celebration. It was agreed that work on the 2012 District 4 show should start in the fall of 2011.

President Ron Andress spoke of his desire to see the printed ARBA membership directory published at the end of the calendar year, so that it would include new member listings from those who had signed up over the late Spring and Summer. Board members agreed with the idea. Ron also announced that JoAnn Mast was retiring as editor of the Ramblings, effective after the printing of the Spring 2012 issue. An announcement seeking candidates for the position will be posted on the ARBA website.

3 letters from ARBA members voicing concerns regarding various topics were tabled for the next Board meeting as some of those present had to leave. Tracy Haslem told the Board he had spoken with Al Schwider concerning his letter.

Going forward, ARBA members Maggie Howard and Lin Schwider are working on the creation of a new Natural Colored Romney brochure. The Board planned to review the content once a sample pamphlet had been created.

The Board meeting was adjourned at 11:40 am EST.

Submitted by Secretary C. Payton 10/13/2011

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