ARBA Board Meeting 3-31-2012

by Site Admin on April 23, 2012

President Ron Andress called the meeting to order at 1:09 pm EST. In attendance were President Ron Andress, Vice President Charlene Carlisle, At Large Directors Tracy Haslem, Carol Pasheilich and Willis Plank as well as regional Directors Hilary Chapin (1), Michele Reilly (2), Ed Julian(3) and Becky Petrick (6). Secretary/Treasurer Christiane Payton was also present. Scott Culver (4) and Randy Thompson (5) joined the call after it started.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

    C. Payton told the Board that the general account balance was $4,586.74, the junior account balance was $5,230.09 and the CD balance was $15,539.50 as of March 31, 2012. Membership renewals are being processed by ASR which allows the registrar to verify that members own or register Romney sheep. Membership renewals through the end of March stood at 140 (active & junior) and it was thought this number would increase with the surge of registrations and transfers in the Spring and Summer months. W. Plank moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, C. Carlisle seconded the motion and it passed with unanimous approval.

  2. Old Business

    R. Andress told the Board he would not need funds toward the purchase of updated software as he was getting ready to buy a new computer which would come with a current software package.

  3. New Business
    1. Regional Show Reports
      1. District 2: M. Reilly told the Board that the District 2 Regional Show will take place at the Garden State Show in NJ. A booth for Romney promotion as well as for fleece and other wool product sales is planned. Details for a dinner and special awards are being worked out.
      2. District 6: The District 6 Regional Show will be held at the Mountain States Fair in NC on September 15 and 16. A potluck dinner is scheduled for the Friday night before the show. B. Petrick asked whether there was an east coast ARBA display. H. Chapin currently has the display and will get it to NC via R. Andress later this summer.
      3. District 4: Romneys will be the premiere breed at the Oregon State Fair sheep show (August 2012) as part of the District 4 Regional Show which will also be the site of the ARBA Annual Meeting. S. Culver reported that ARBA members will get a discounted group rate at the Phoenix Inn in Salem, OR. A wine and cheese Meet & Greet is scheduled for Thursday night at the Historic Woolen Mill in Salem. The Annual Meeting will take place at the same location, during a catered dinner (cost per person estimated to be $22 – $25.) The Old Board Meeting will take place Thursday afternoon at the Phoenix Inn. The Regional Show starts at 5pm on Friday afternoon with the Youth Show on Saturday at 1pm. The New Board Meeting is to be held Saturday morning at the Phoenix Inn. Youth can haul in on Saturday for the show but all people showing in the Open Show must haul in either Wednesday during the day/evening or by Thursday at 8 am. The Oregon Romney Breeders Association plans to organize a pen sale, the details of which have yet to be determined.
    2. Nomination Committees

      Carol Pasheilich, T. Haslem and W. Plank, the at-Large directors, are in charge of finding candidates for the District 2, 4 and 6 elections held in the early summer of 2012. As per the by-laws, the nomination period runs from 4/1-5/1, biographies are due in with the secretary by 5/15 and ballots are mailed no later than 5/25. Ballots are due back to the secretary no later than 6/10 and will be counted by ASR, with the results in by 7/1. Current director S. Culver expressed his desire to run for another term. T. Haslem moved that S. Culver, R. Thompson and E. Julian serve on the nominating committee for at- Large directors. W. Plank seconded the motion and it passed with unanimous approval.

    3. Response Letters

      S.Culver moved that the 3 letters drafted by the Policies & Procedures Committee in response to membership concerns be sent out. W. Plank seconded the motion. A discussion ensued which included the suggestion to use stronger language to condemn cross-breeding as well as tweaking the wording of the letters. President Andress asked for a call for question regarding the letters, which was then subsequently provided by C. Pasheilich. The vote was 6 against (C. Pasheilich, H. Chapin, M. Reilly, R. Thompson, B. Petrick and R. Andress) and 5 in favor (T. Haslem, W. Plank, E. Julian, S. Culver and C. Carlisle.) The motion was defeated.

      C. Pasheilich moved that the Board take the draft letters and give them to R. Andress for further refining and then have the letters represented to the ARBA Board for approval. B. Petrick seconded the motion. A discussion ensued in which it was pointed out that the letter approval process could go on indefinitely. C. Pasheilich amended the motion: the draft letters were to be given to R. Andress to be rewritten and then approved by the ARBA executive committee which consists of Vice President Charlene Carlisle and Secretary/Treasurer Christiane Payton; the approved letters were to be signed by R. Andress. B. Petrick seconded the amended motion and it passed with unanimous approval.

    4. Proposed Budget

      R. Andress called for questions on the proposed 2012-2013 ARBA budget. S. Culver requested clarification of which allocations rolled over from one year to the next. Following a discussion, S. Culver moved that the ARBA Board accept the proposed budget and registration and transfer fee increases (starting July 1, 2012 registrations are to cost $6 and transfers are to cost $5.) R. Thompson seconded the motion and it passed with unanimous approval. W. Plank voiced his concern about the dropping number of registrations and transfers, a trend affecting the majority of purebred sheep organizations in the US.

    5. Banner Breed Notes

      President Andress asked for volunteers from the Board to help write Banner Breed Notes. The following Board members offered to write a column: T. Haslem – May, E. Julian – June, W. Plank – July/August, S. Culver – October/November and H. Chapin – December/January.

    6. 2013 National Show & Sale

      There was a call for proposals for a 2013 National Show & Sale location somewhere in the middle of the United States. E. Julian and W. Plank volunteered to work together on a proposal.

    7. Judges

      C. Pasheilich spoke of the responsibility of each ARBA District Director to supply judges in their geographic area with a breed standard. A discussion ensued. C. Pasheilich moved that the ARBA Board form a committee to inform judges on the breed standard , by providing them with a copy together with a cover letter. R. Thompson seconded the motion. Following more discussion, S. Culver asked for a call to the question. The vote was 2 in favor of the motion (C. Pasheilich and H. Chapin) and 6 against (T. Haslem, W. Plank, E. Julian, S. Culver, B. Petrick and C. Carlisle.) M. Reilly and R. Thompson did not vote as they had dropped off of the call. The motion was defeated.

    8. Committee Reports
      1. Policy & Procedures: Nothing to report
      2. Website: The membership survey will be posted through May 1. Results will be compiled by the webmaster, Doug Meyer, and available June 1.
      3. Youth: A letter was sent to all ARBA juniors with event updates for 2012. There is a raffle of a Little Hooves white ewe lamb to raise funds for the All American Jr. show as well as the ARBA junior show at NAILE. Board members will receive tickets to sell and help raise funds.
      4. Advertising: Several ads have been commissioned in small festival brochures as well as breed books. The advertising committee is still working on the logistics of creating a promotional DVD and is looking into the idea of a cost share with featured farms.
      5. AI/ET: Not available
      6. By Laws: Nothing to report

President Andress proposed having another Board meeting via teleconference towards the end of May or beginning of June to review actual versus expected income and expenses. T. Haslem and S. Culver volunteered for the audit committee to conduct an internal review of ARBA’s books prior to the Annual Meeting in August of 2012. C. Payton will send them material to be audited after July 1. S. Culver moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:46 EST, B. Petrick seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by C. Payton on 4/11/2012

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