ARBA Board Meeting 9-29-2012

by Site Admin on December 30, 2012

Meeting called to order at 3:03 PM EDT.

Ron Andress, Charlene Carlisle, Christiane Payton, Jane Caulfield, Scott Culver, Carol Pasheilich, Chris Posbergh, Ed Julian, Hilary Chapin, Randy Thompson, Margaret Van Camp, Tracy Haslem, Carolynn Avery

Approval of Minutes:

  • Old Board Meeting—motion to approve with corrections by Scott, second by Jane. Approved.
  • Annual Meeting—motion to approve by Jane, second by Scott. Approved.
  • New Board Meeting—motion to approve by Scott, second by Tracy. Approved.

Discussion started with Margaret reviewing for Board what she had learned about the new site and format of Michigan State Fair in Novi, MI, northwest of Detroit, and what she had sent to Board members via email, including photos. 2013’s fair dates are August 30 and 31 and September 1. ARBA will be able to help select judges in conjunction with the other wool breed organizations showing. Expectation is that sheep need to be in place by 9:00AM on Friday the 30th and will be released on Monday.

Question was asked concerning construction on fairgrounds. Discussion followed as to when ARBA meetings would be scheduled in conjunction with the show.

Scott added that Ed had talked with L. C. earlier. ARBA has been asked to submit 3 names for consideration as judges. Discussion followed recognizing the reasonable nature of this request.

Ron asked for a motion to finalize the selection of the Great Lakes State Fair to host the 2013 ARBA show, sale, and annual meeting. Margaret so moved and Jane seconded. Motion was approved.

Ron then read an email from Ed Julian resigning his position as Romney Superintendent for NAILE. Ed commended Charlene Carlisle for her handling of the Junior show and agreed to work with her on this in the coming year.

Discussion followed concerning the duties of the Superintendent, and Ed agreed to assist the new person in the change over. Ron thanked Ed on behalf of the Board for his outstanding service in this position.

The duties of this position were listed and it was confirmed that the Superintendent need not be a Board member. Board members should be prepared to discuss this matter at the next meeting.

Charlene updated the Board on the raffle, including the fact that $3,185 was raised. Melissa Cunningham won the Romney ewe lamb.

Next Board meeting will be in January. Agenda items should be submitted before then.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 3:53 PM EDT.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolynn Avery

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