ARBA Board Meeting 1-19-2013

by Site Admin on April 10, 2013

Members present:
Ron Andress, Jane Caulfield, Charlene Carlisle, Carol Pasheilich, Margaret Van Camp, Tracy Haslem, Hilary Chapin, Chris Posbergh, Ed Julian, Scott Culver, Randy Thompson, Carolynn Avery

  1. Secretary
    1. Report was approved.
    2. Dues reminder — was sent via e-mail, put on website and on Facebook. It had also been in the last Ramblings both as part of Secretary’s column as well as in ad format.
      Motion: Secretary will send out postcard reminder to those who have not paid by Monday using same wording as e-mail reminder.
        Moved by Randy
        Seconded by Chris
    3. It was decided that the Board needs a calendar of tasks to be completed during the year. Jane and Chris agreed to work with Carolynn to have one to present at April’s meeting.
    4. Directory problems—24 names left out, many more appear to have errors.
      Motion: Secretary will create addendum of missing and corrected entries and send now as part of the next Ramblings
        Moved by Carol
        Seconded by Margaret
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    Motion: Accept the report.
      Moved by Jane
      Seconded by Scott
  3. Old Business
    1. Banner Breed Notes — are a review ARBA’s recent activities written for the general public. Length about 125 words (1/2 page)
      Responsibilities for the months are:
        February – Charlene
        March – Ron ( Morris Culver Scholarship)
        April – Tracy
        May – Ed
        June – Randy
        July/August – Margaret
        September – Scott
        October/November – Chris
        December/January – Hilary
    2. Mentoring Program – Chris brought this to the Board for discussion. In light of that discussion, Board asked for Chris to continue work on this topic and bring back to the Board at the next meeting.
    3. Directors’ Duties – Ron has list from 1995. It was noted that Jean used send a package to new directors. Each director had a notebook with guides and notes to be passed to next director. Primary duties were listed as:
      1. Act as contact point for breeders within their region
      2. Oversee regional promotion and administer the the regional promotion budget
      3. Represent their region at all meetings of the Association
      4. Supervise the Regional and National shows held within their region
      5. Coordinate the nominating for regional director position
    4. Education Committee
      Motion: Accept the report.
        Moved by Hilary
        Seconded by Chris
      Hilary will be Chair and will have the committee members by next meeting. Directors’ duties and district events to be decided.
    5. NAILE Superintendent – Ron will make phone calls looking for volunteer
  4. New Business
    1. National Sale Report (Members List) needed. 2013 sale will be Sunday, May 26. Entries due March 15. Ed and Margaret Sale and Show info for Website and Ramblings by end of month.
    2. National Show Report (Members List) needed. Soliciting donation from companies in the area. Margaret, Cindy Cieciwa, Hilary, Ann McIntyre, Christiane Payton will meet in February.
    3. Nomination Committee – Nominations due to Secretary 90 days prior to annual meeting. Districts 1, 3, 5
      1. Volunteers: 3/10 – 4/10
      2. Committee looks for other candidates: 4/1 – 5/1
      3. Nominations due: 5/1
      4. Biographies due: 5/15
      5. Ballots mailed: 5/25 and due back by 6/10
      6. Results published: 7/1
      For national slate need President, Vice President, Director-at-Large. Nominating committee: Scott, Randy, Chris
    4. Lifetime membership
      Motion: Make Colette Culver, Bessie Kalina and Thelma Barnes lifetime members.
        Moved by Tracy
        Seconded by Scott
    5. Committee reports
      1. Carol reported on Advertising Committee which consists of Carol, Hilary, Carolynn, Dee Hendricks, Joanne Smith. The committee in working on large projects that still need completion.
      2. Carol reported on Website activities. Committee members are Carol, Charlene, Margaret, and Randy. Call to Board for new pictures, pages need cleaning up, changes to directory list, make competition of registration and membership forms on line for printing. Include more items in archives.
      3. Scott reported no action taken with Policies and Procedures
      4. By-Laws no action taken
      5. Randy reported no activity on AI
      6. Charlene reports no activity for Youth Committee
    6. District reports
      1. District 1: Maggie Howard coming to NH festival for education talk on recessive genetics
      2. District 2: No news
      3. District 3: National Show and Sale preparation. NAILE Junior and Open shows came in under budget.
      4. District 4: None
      5. District 5: Sent Ramblings to “lost” members. Participation in Mother Earth Fair iffy because of raise in fees.
      6. District 6: Spin-In in fiber show using Romney fleece.
    7. Redistricting
      Motion: Create a committee to do research on redistricting.
        Moved by Chris
        Seconded by Jane
        Passed with a 6 to 5 vote
      Committee formed to include Chris, Scott, Jane, Tracy (chair), Ron with voice but no vote.
      Question: how many members in each District?
    8. Budget requests needed before next meeting, when the budget will be proposed for a vote.
    9. Next meeting date and time: Saturday, April 6th, 1:30 PM EST
      Motion: Adjourn meeting.
        Moved by Scott
        Seconded by Jane
        Passed at 5:00 PM EST
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