ARBA Board Meeting 4-6-2013

by Site Admin on June 20, 2013

Present: Ron Andress, Charlene Carlisle, Randy Thompson, Carol Pasheilich, Margaret Van Camp, Tracy Haslem, Hilary Chapin, Chris Posbergh, Scott Culver, Ed Julian, Jane Caulfield, Carolynn Avery

Called to order 1:37 P.M. ET

  1. Secretary’s Report


  2. Treasurer’s Report

    Charlene will mail copies of checks she sent before Carolynn was treasurer so Carolynn can reconcile entries in accounts. Ed asked for and received clarification that NAILE had come in under budget.

  3. Old Business

    Willis Plank has volunteered to be NAILE Superintendent for 2013.

  4. New Business

    1. Update Mentoring Effort

      Chris updated Board

    2. Facebook

      Randy has agreed to take over responsibility for Facebook.

    3. National Sale Update

      Ed Julian update the Board on current status including that there are 28 consignees: 13 white and 15 natural colored.

    4. National Show Update ( Labor Day weekend)

      Margaret let the Board know that Sam Wilford (sp?) will be the meat and wool judge. She noted that we need sponsors and that she will be the contact for those who wish to be sponsors. Ron confirmed that the next Board meeting will be at the show: old Board, New Board, and the banquet. Ed requested that Premium Books be available as soon as possible. Links for Fair and sale book are to go on Website.

    5. Redistricting Update

      Tracy reported and led discussion.

    6. 2013 – 2014 Budget

      Ron proposed the Budget for 2013.
      Motion: Board accepts the proposed Budget.
        Moved by Scott
        Seconded by Charlene

    7. ARBA Records

      Carol was charged to contact Julie at ASR concerning the entry of old records into their system. If this can be done, paper records would go to be archived with the older records. Jane Caulfield, Carol Pasheilich, and Carolynn Avery will form committee to follow through. Archiving is not in the budget, but $2600 was previously collected for this purpose.

    8. District Directors’ reports

    9. Chairs of the Standing Committees reported

      1. Advertising – Carol
      2. By-Laws – Scott
      3. Education – Hilary
      4. Policy & Procedures – Scott
      5. Youth – Charlene
      6. Website – Carol
      7. AI-ET – Randy
    10. Form 2012- 2013 Audit Committee

      Randy and Tracy volunteered for this and the meeting with Carolynn will be after June 30, 2013, and prior to annual meeting.

    11. Ramblings

      Confirmation that money for Rambling ads should be sent to Carolynn for deposit, not to ASR.

    12. Motion: Margaret Walters be made a lifetime member of ARBA.
        Moved by Randy
        Seconded by Scott

Next meeting will be at the National Show in Michigan.

Motion: Motion to adjourn.
  Moved by Scott
  Seconded by Margaret
  Passed at 3:25 ET


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