ARBA Old Board Meeting 8-30-2013

by Site Admin on January 17, 2014

Old Board Meeting
Fifth Third Bank Michigan State Fair, LLC, Novi, MI
August 30, 2013 12:15 PM

Present: Ron Andress, Randy Thompson, Charlene Carlisle, Margaret Van Camp, Chris Posbergh, Ed Julian, Hilary Chapin, Carolynn Avery.

  1. Secretary’s report
    • Approved via mail.
  2. Treasurer’s report given. Reports should be quarterly reports by category as listed in the Approved Budget for that year.
  3. Old Business
    1. Fitting video—Hilary Chapin and her husband are working on new one. Still being edited. Hilary will provide copies to Board members and have proposal for use of video at next meeting. Further discussion to follow at next meeting concerning such topics as cost to purchase, putting on website, responsibility for sale and provision going to Secretary.
    2. Old paper registration records—Chris Posbergh drove to Oregon and picked up all the records to take back to the East Coast for transcribing into new database that will provide ASR with the ability to provide more complete lineage information to ARBA members. He would like help in doing all this transcription.
    3. Mentor program still developing.
  4. New Business
    1. Ramblings needs more advertising support to its publication. Possibility of providing breeders’ directory for a fee ($5?).
    2. 2014 Annual Meeting
      • Motion: Hold Annual Meeting at Rhinebeck in 2014
      • Moved by Hilary Chapin
      • Seconded by Margaret Van Camp
      • PASSED
    3. Regional show for regions 1, 3, 5. District proposed: Big E. District 3: consult with John Shelton, new District Director. District 5 proposed: Puyallup but needs to be discussed with new District Director Al Schwider.
    4. Romney Sale
      • Motion: 2014 Specialty sale to be held at Wooster, OH.
      • Moved by Chris Posbergh
      • Seconded by Randy Thompson
      • PASSED
    5. ARBA membership
      • Several topics relating to membership numbers and processing of registrations and transfers were discussed. Efforts will be initiated to remind members of the need to renew, register sheep and complete transfers when animals change ownership. Discussing the future with NARA (North American Romney Association) leadership will also be initiated.
      • Motion: ARBA will open discussion with Board of NARA to facilitate a possible reunification.
      • Moved by Margaret Van Camp
      • Seconded by Chris Posbergh
      • PASSED
    6. Committees
      • Advertising – printing of brochures (no “home” address) and banners.
      • Others had little activity this quarter that has not already been noted above.
    7. District Directors reported.
    8. Additional item brought to Board by Randy Thompson. Discussion of request for allowing Margaret Walters, and others with similar needs, to register older sheep.
      • Motion: Allow Margaret Walters to register her 2-year-old sheep.
      • Moved by Randy Thompson
      • Seconded by Margaret Van Camp
      • PASSED
      • Secretary directed to notify ASR (registration will require standard late fee).

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM EDT.
Motion to accept minutes, as edited, for publication. Four approved, three abstained. Old Board Minutes approved 1-11-2014.

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