Romney Ramblings – Winter 2014/2015

by Site Admin on December 22, 2014

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The Winter 2014/2015 issue of Romney Ramblings is now available. Download your own copy here:
Romney Ramblings – Winter 2014/2015 (1.7 MB PDF).

Research and technical articles that are included in the Romney Ramblings will have references listed for those readers wanting to further their knowledge and understanding of various topics. The article in this issue, submitted by Maggie Howard, lists the following:

  1. Locus Control Regions of mammalian B-globin gene clusters; Hardison,Slighton,Gumucio,et al; Gene Vol. 205,issues 1-2
  2. Locus control regions; Li, Hardju and Peterson; Trends In Genetics, Vol 5 issue 10
  3. Locus Control Regions, chromatin activation and transcription; Fraser, Grosveld; Current Opinion In Cell Biology, Vol 10,issue 3
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