2017 ARBA Board Candidate Biographies

by Site Admin on May 29, 2017

Following are Candidate Biographies for the upcoming 2017 ARBA Board Election. Ballots must be postmarked by June 10, 2017.

2017 Candidate for President

Chris Posbergh
My name is Chris Posbergh. I have raised Romneys with my family in central New Jersey for the past 12 years. Our flock has grown to about 25 white and natural colored ewes.

Through the past five years I have had the pleasure to serve on the board as District Director and President. In that time I have served on various committees and helped to implement several new policies & projects. Some of these projects have included the formation of a Science Panel to aid the Board in decision making, developing a breed branding program to be completed in the next few months, and featured the breed at various shows, festivals, and The Shepherd to convince other shepherds that Romneys are the dual-purpose breed for them. Luckily I have had a strong board and committees to assist in all of these endeavors and provide support to the membership.

I hope to continue serving the Romney breed in a second term as president. There are still a few more ways I hope to aid the breed and association in this role. Thank you for your consideration.

2017 Candidates for Vice President

Randy Thompson
As your ARBA Vice President for the last 2 years I have been proud to be a part of some of the exciting changes that are happening to your Romney breed. I believe ARBA should be known as a forward thinking sheep organization; one which has a diverse membership that balances the needs of both the large commercial breeder and the family flock. As part of your board I have worked on such important issues as the revision/alignment of the breed standards and adoption of a code of conduct for board members. I started our Facebook page and am the current chair for the ARBA website committee where we are working on a new breeder guide and lambing chart. I am a strong proponent for identification and diversification of the white Romney gene pool to ensure strong healthy Romneys well into the future.

Being retired military, I believe that every member is an integral part to the success of a team. I hope you will continue to let me represent everyone in ARBA and the Romneys we love, as we look to the future while holding on to the values of the past. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Rick Trojanoski
Hello fellow Romney breeders, my name is Rick Trojanoski from East Hampton, Connecticut and I am running for Vice President. I have owned sheep for more than 40 years and, along with my wife and youngest son, currently own a flock of 15 Corriedale and 20 Romney brood ewes. As well as raising my own flock I am co-owner of Twist of Fate Spinnery, a fiber mill that processes fiber from a variety of species.

I believe that the association’s first responsibility is to maintain accurate registrations and ensure the integrity of the Romney breed. I also believe that the association needs to develop a marketing plan that will help all producers, both large and small, to profitably maintain their flocks through branded Romney products. Through the promotion of branded Romney meat and fiber products demand for Romney breeding stock will increase. The association also needs to continue to strongly support youth involvement to keep our breeder base strong. I believe that with the unified work of our association members and continuing to educate people about the Romney breed we can increase the presence of the breed in the sheep industry. Thank you for your consideration in the upcoming election.

2017 Candidates for Director-at-Large

Scott Culver
Hello my name is Scott Culver and I am running for ARBA Director At Large. As many of you know I raise Romneys, both Natural Colored and White. My earliest memories are of napping on the hay bales in the sheep barn of our county fair as my Dad (Morris Culver) was busy getting sheep ready for the show. I have continued with the family sheep venture, raising and showing. When my daughter joined the association I decided to become more actively involved in ARBA and ORBA (Oregon Romney Breeders Association).

I am currently one of three Directors At Large. During my term of office I have acted as Chairman of the By Laws Committee, Chairman of the AI/ET Committee and a member of the Nominating Committee.

In Region 4 members know me as an avid promoter of both natural colored and white Romneys as the dual purpose breed I believe them to be, emphasizing their meat, wool, ability to have twins, and mothering instincts. I’m also an avid promoter of encouraging youth to raise Romneys. If reelected as an ARBA Director At Large I will continue to work for you in all of these areas.

Stephanie Booren
Hello, my name is Stephanie Booren and I am happy to represent the third generation in the Kalina Family. I got my first Romney at five years old and have been in love with their adorable white fuzzy faces ever since. I have shown at regional and national ARBA shows on the west coast and east coast. I have been a board member of the Oregon Romney Breeders Association for six years. As a member I have always been happy to help out in coordinating events, raising funds, prizes and clerking junior shows. I helped create the current ARBA junior pamphlet and the centennial logo for the 2012 show. I look forward to the future of this organization and anything I can do to help the wonderful Romney breed.

Thank you for your consideration, Stephanie Booren

2017 Candidate for District 1 Director

Emma Morton
Hello! My name is Emma Morton and I am a third generation sheep breeder from Rhode Island. I began showing sheep in 1999 and acquired by first pair of Romney ewe lambs in 2003. I have been in love with this dual purpose breed ever since. My mom and I currently have 20 Romneys, both white and natural colored.

As a youth exhibitor and junior member of ARBA, I was able to exhibit at national and regional open and junior shows, NEYSS, the Big E and NAILE. I continue to exhibit my Romneys as an open exhibitor.

I am currently co-Romney breed secretary for the Northeast Youth Sheep Show (NEYSS). I know that youth breeders are the future of our organization and that we should fully support youth shows, programs, scholarships and futurity classes. I was able to benefit from these activities and feel that current and future youth should have the same, or better, opportunities.

I know that people love raising Romneys for many different reasons including temperament, wool and meat qualities. I will represent all of your interests and the breed if you elect me for District 1 Director.

Emma Morton

2017 Candidates for District 3 Director

Don Burgess
Don, along with his wife Megan and daughter Callie, operate a small farm in northwestern Ohio. They currently have approximately 30 Romney ewes, along with approximately 30 crossbred ewes, and are continuing to build their flock with a focus on strong breed character, quality fleeces, and good productivity.

Don has degrees in Soil Science and Crop Science from The Ohio State University, and currently works as an agronomist for a soil testing lab. He has served as District 3 Director since 2015, and looks forward to the opportunity to continue his work on the board.

Leann Henry
I am Leann Henry from Millbury, Ohio. I grew up on a sheep farm in Minerva, Ohio, where we raised 150 crossbred wether type ewes and 40 Oxford breeding sheep. My husband, Craig and I have two daughters, Lydia (4) and Claire (2) and a third child on the way. We wanted to give the girls the same experiences I had with being involved in the sheep industry. We debated on what breed to invest in, but decided on Romneys because of their temperament, dual purpose and size. We figured they would be a great breed for our small girls.

During the summer of 2016, my brother purchased the girls their first Romney ewe lamb. We exhibited this ewe lamb at the Ohio State Fair. The girls loved showing and are already planning the trip for this year! Since then we have increased our flock to 11 head. I am new to the association, but I want to be involved to help promote and grow the breed.

Leann Henry

2017 Candidates for District 5 Director

Carolynn Harwell
Hello, I am Carolyn Harwell and I would like to thank you for letting me represent ARBA District 5 as your Director for the 2015-2017 term.

I was thrilled to help in revising our breed standards so that they are concise and easily understood. I hope to be able to do the same for our AI process as well. Currently there is a lot of confusion and inconsistent information out there about bringing new genetics into the US. I envision a clear, easily understood, step-by-step handout/webpage outlining the process and what needs to be done, how to find breeders overseas and the estimated budget required to follow through.

Working with Chris Posbergh we assembled a science panel to develop research and educational materials on recessive genetics, introduction of the moorits, and their expanding effects on the breed. As the new chair of the advertising committee I have attempted to bring all members together to make use of the advertising tools. I am also pulling together a branding program to represent all aspects of the breed in a positive light nationwide.

There is more work to be done and I would be honored to represent the district again. Thank you for your consideration.

Carolynn Harwell

Tracy Haslem
I am the parent of a junior ARBA member, a 4-H leader, County Fair 4-H Sheep Superintendent, Junior Livestock Auction committee member and breeder of Romney and Hampshire sheep. I believe in our youth and the role they play in our association now and in the future. I am running for a position on the ARBA board because I feel our youth have been forgotten in District 5. If you believe in our youth and their role in promoting Romneys I would appreciate your vote. I have served on the ARBA board and will bring that experience to the position.

Tracy Haslem

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