ARBA Junior Article by Zane Van Horsen from OR

by Site Admin on October 7, 2017

I have spent my entire life surrounded by sheep–trust me,there are baby pictures of me in piles of wool and conversing with lambs–however, I just recently started my endeavor into the world of sheep showing. Prior to this last year, I had helped people show but never brought my own animals, so my experience level in preparing a sheep for a show was literally as novice as it could possibly be. I persisted though. I showed up to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon with my purebred white and moorit Romneys and my natural coloureds in search of experience and a good time. Now, you have to remember that I had next to no experience in fitting a sheep to make it look it’s best, so my sheep were literally pulled out of the field, tagged, feet trimmed, and very, very roughly shaped to go to a show. Of course I was in the first show of the first day, so I paraded into the ring with fresh out of the field animals. I promptly placed last in every class. Luckily, I didn’t let this get to me, and I had some wonderful people come and save my entire show by teaching me the simplest way to make my sheep look presentable. Those people who came to my aid are why I love being a part of the sheep community. They came to the rescue of a teenager in over her head and only asked that I never showed up to a show with sheep looking so raggedy ever again. I appreciate these people so much and am so thankful that I know them. It also helps that I now know how to fit a sheep. I went from last place in every class to winning a champion and Golden Fleece ram this year at our State fair. The support and community that I have found in showing sheep is just another part of what makes the sheep industry so amazing.

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