by Site Admin on October 7, 2017

If you see this sweet smiling young lady around the barn, give her a pat on the back and a high five. This is Cadence Higgins, better known as Cady. She is 11 yrs old, from Connecticut, and raises Romneys. She is an active ARBA JR member who can be seen in the show ring, as well as, in the lead line classes. If the name sound familiar to you, it may be because when she goes to a show, she participates in everything that it offers, most often placing at the top in showmanship, skillathon, judging and other promotional events. Cady is bubbly, friendly and out- going. While at BigE this year, Cady decided that she wanted to raise money to give additional awards to the show. Her fund raising ideas were basic, easy and fun. She and some of her friends, walked their sheep around the barn, and invited visitors to take sheep selfies for a small fee. When she wasn’t doing selfies, she could be seen sitting by the sheep pens selling chocolate bars. While sitting and selling, she would answer questions about the sheep and help to educate the public, and the public was not only interested in the sheep but also her plans for the funds and felt it to be a very worthy cause. With some of the money raised, she donated a cash award to the Best White and Best NC Romney Fleece of the show. She has big plans for future fund raising and wants to help with the ARBA Regional Show and NEYSS next year. I, for one, am glad she is on our team and look forward to her support. She is a breath of fresh air. As adults, we sit back and plan, discuss and plan, cross our T’s and dot our I’s, and plan. Cady just decided to “do it”, and sometimes, just “doing it” gets results. Thanks Cady, your smile and enthusiasm are contagious, keep up the good work.

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