ARBA Old Board Meeting 6-29-2018

by Site Admin on August 21, 2018

ARBA Board Meeting:  Friday, June 29, 2018

The meeting of the ARBA board was called to order at 11:15 a.m. PDT on June 29, 2018 by Chris Posbergh, President.  The meeting was held in the conference room at Willamette Community Bank in downtown Albany, OR.  In attendance were Posbergh, Randy Thompson, Scott Culver, Don Burgess, Sue Kalina, Carol Pasheilich, Betsy McPherson, Charlene Carlisle, Anne McIntyre Lahner, Emma Rogers and ARBA secretary, JoAnn Mast.

The secretary’s report was reviewed and accepted by the board following a motion from Anne and second by Scott.  A similar vote was received for the treasurer’s report and bank balances with a motion by Anne and second by Scott.  Current checking account balance is $17,861.55 and a CD balance of $15,761.72.

Old Business

Chris thanked Sue for her work on securing locations for the board meetings, annual meeting, dinner and the reminders sent to increase participation.  Sue reported that the National Show committee had met and recommends that the current policy remain in place, with a national show to be held every other year, rotating with regional shows in districts 1,3,5 and 2,4,6.

JoAnn shared a sample of a wool blend cap that could be used for the ARBA logo hat previously available from the logo store.  More discussion will be done to determine the need for placing an order.

New Business

2019 Annual Meeting site and date.  Several options were discussed for the meeting which will be held in the Midwest.  The recommendation is to have Don check with Barb Bishop regarding having the ARBA annual meeting and show held during the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, held in Jefferson, WI the second weekend in September (7-9 in 2019).  The option of a national sale will also be addressed, and the possibility of including an on-line sale in conjunction with the live sale will be researched.  Sue moved to secure the location, Scott seconded the motion and it was passed.  Work on the show schedule and classes, sale details, meeting locations, dinner site and lodging will continue.

Proposed Budget 2018-2019.  Chris provided information on the proposed budget distributed to board members via email.  Following the review, Scott asked whether or not committee needs for budget support would be given consideration.  In order for the question to be addressed, Don moved that the budget approval be tabled.  Scott seconded the motion and it was approved by the board.

Strategic Plan.  Chris presented the idea of working on a strategic plan for ARBA, and indicated that Anne would be facilitating a discussion regarding the plan at the board meeting Saturday morning. Ideas and questions were shared, stressing the need to identify strengths and weaknesses of the association.  Chris and Anne addressed the need to come to the planning session with an open mind and a willingness to share all ideas related to the promotion of Romney sheep.

Romney Ramblings

Distribution of the Ramblings was addressed.  Due to the inconsistent publication, the role of editor was offered to ARBA secretary, JoAnn Mast.  She will present a proposal at the board meeting on June 30. The format of the newsletter was discussed, with a desire to have a more readable template used. Ideas from the strategic planning will be used to structure the content of the Ramblings.  Increased member participation in writing articles will be encouraged, as will articles highlighting the production and management of Romney sheep across the country.

Committee Reports

Advertising – Don:  No new projects, listings in Sheep!, Shepherd, and ASI publications continues. 

Education – Anne:  Little committee work completed.  Outline prepared to assist in sharing information and gathering photos and information regarding breeding practices and management of sheep across the country.  Goal is to share ideas relating to fiber production, meat lamb growth, and the variances in preferences based on management practices. 

Youth – Charlene:  Futurity program changes have increased the number of participants signed up for 2018.  Youth may exhibit ewe lambs and/or yearling ewes that have been purchased or home raised.  A $20 sponsorship must be paid by the youth or seller and show results are reported following each show.  A t-shirt design contest was held and the winner will be announced in July at the All American Youth show in Indianapolis. The logo “Realize Results with Romneys” was used as part of the design.  Sales of raffle tickets for a ewe lamb donated by Little Hooves Romneys continues.  Funds raised will be used to support youth shows at the All American and NAILE. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Big E. 

AI/ET – Scott:  The committee has worked on the current policies and edits will be presented at the board meeting on June 30.  Due to changes in import regulations and the use of semen from sources other than imports, updates were needed and a method of tracking the sale and transfer of semen needs to be in place.                                                                                                                                          

By-Laws – Scott and Anne:  The committee has reviewed and made recommendations relating to attendance at board and annual meetings.  The main objective is to determine the need for face to face meetings with attendance at the annual meeting and participation during board meetings held via conference calls.  Also discussed was the need to connect to meetings via phone if unable to attend.  The recommendations will be reviewed during the strategic planning, with issues such as cost and reasons to excuse participation highlighted.  The committee report lists work, education, military service, medical and sheep related obligations as possible reasons to be exempt from attendance, but require participation via teleconference. A motion by Scott and second by Charlene tabled the discussion and decision to June 30.  

Policies and Procedures –Anne reported little has been done and that she is searching for a member to help with leadership of this committee.  Emma Rogers has stepped forward to chair the committee.

District Reports

Emma – District 1 Regional Show at the Big E, with Romneys showing early Monday morning.  NEYSS  also set for 2018. 

 Allison –  District 2  No report    

Don – District 3 Regional Show at the Michigan Fiber Festival.  Planning continues with Megan assisting.

Sue – District 4 planning for annual meeting and dinner completed.  Sue described the problem with registrations of three lambs purchased at the Barnes sale held in July 2017.  In response to the lack of assistance by the sale committee and consignor, the ARBA secretary will generate a generic pedigree to offer to buyers LaVonne and Nicole Murray.   A motion to have this completed was presented by Sue and seconded by Charlene.  An amendment by Anne included the need to have board members sign the application, providing evidence that the lambs are purebred Romneys, born in spring 2017 and off-spring of Barnes breeding stock.  The amendment and motion were approved by the board. Sue reminded the board of the meeting at her family farm on Saturday morning, and provided an introduction to new board member Nicole Murray.                                                                                        

Carol – District 5 Regional Show at the Evergreen Fair in Monroe, WA, thanks to the efforts of Al Schwider and Greg Hordyk.  The show will be held labor day weekend, with Romneys in the ring on September 1.  A district newsletter was distributed, highlighting the events of the region and a reminder of the annual meeting in Albany the end of June.  

Betsy – District 6 highlight was a Fiber Festival in Virginia where ARBA materials were used to promote the association and Romney sheep.  Contact with members in the district continues, but there are few breeders in the district and many are focused on fiber production and marketing.

Other New Business

The budget proposal was revisited and edited to reflect the recommendations of the policies and procedures committee.  Adjustments were made to board travel amounts, advertising, printing and miscellaneous expenses.  A motion by Scott, second by Sue and approval by the board approved these changes for the 2018-2019 budget.

A motion to adjourn by Randy, second by Scott and approval of the board brought the meeting to a close at 2:04 p.m. PDT.

Submitted by ARBA secretary, JoAnn Mast.

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