American Romney Breeders Association Futurity Rankings 2018

by Site Admin on December 30, 2018

The American Romney Breeders Association is happy and proud to announce the following Futurity placings.   

White Wool
Home Raised Ewe Lamb
    Weston Pettit (OH)    Pettit 1001            1st place
Purchased White Ewe Lambs
   Courtney Lyman (MA)   Thistledown 801            1st place 
   Catherine Hromis (NH)   Little Hooves 7169       2nd place
   Anne Nichols (OR)   Kalina 848                           3rd place
   Callie Burgess (OH)   PFR 1005                         4th place
   Ava Jo Hayes (NJ)     Little Hooves 884              5th place
   Lydia Henry (OH)   Little Hooves 812                  6th place    
   Megan Zallen (MI)   Plank Sheep Farm               7th place

Home Raised Yearling Ewes
   Catherine Hromis (NH)   Winding Wicks 0049        1st place  
Purchased Yearling Ewe
    Addison Wolff (OR)    Kalina 713                     1st place  
    Weston Pettit (OH)   Little Hooves 733            2nd place  
NC Wool 
Home Raised Ewe Lambs
    Teresa Hromis (NH)    Winding Wicks 54               1st place        
    Courtney Lyman (MA)   Lyman 1802                      2nd place 
    Caitlin Plank (MI)   E/C Plank 1812                        3rd place 
    Caitlin Plank (MI)   E/C Plank 1807                         4th place
    Caitlin Plank (MI)   E/C Plank 1810                        5th place  
Purchased Ewe Lambs
    Ellis Rincker (MI)     Little Hooves 8107                 1st place
    Megan Zallen (MI)    Plank Sheep Farm 1559       2nd place
    Malorie Schmoll (WI)    E/C Plank 1820                3rd place
Home Raised Yearling Ewes
    Teresa Hromis (NH)    Winding Wicks 0039            1st place
Purchased Yearling Ewes
    Weston Pettit (OH)    Little Hooves 736                1st place
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