Article by Zane Van Horsen

by Site Admin on April 4, 2019

Hi! Lambing has just been winding down for us here in Oregon. Lambing season is always my favorite, but its end is always a highlight because no more night checks and finally getting to sleep more than 4 hours at a time! After some really weird weather (snow in the Willamette Valley is unheard of), the sun is out, the grass is green, and the lambs are growing! It is soon going to be weaning time and that’s when I get to find the treasures I didn’t know I had. My family did laparoscopic artificial insemination last year in the late summer with rams from New Zealand and at the beginning of this year we got to see the results! Gorgeous lambs ranging from white to moorit to grey were born and I’m so excited to see how their fleeces grow out. My show flock is going to be awesome this year, and I’m so ready for show season to begin. My family is going to be trekking all the way to Wisconsin for the National Show. I’m so excited! I’ve never had the opportunity to show so far away from home, and I’m sure I’m going to meet some awesome people and make new friends when I’m there!

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