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ARBA Registration

ARBA Registration

The Association maintains a permanent record of the breed and protects the standards of excellence which breeders seek when buying pedigreed Romneys. The policy of the ARBA has been, and still remains, that improvement in the Romney sheep must come from within the purebred confines of the breed itself.

Natural colored and black-factored white Romneys carry genes for colored wool. To clarify record keeping, any Romney sheep registered with the Association that has had any colored ancestors in its genetic history will have a capital “B” after its registration number. A second letter (“B” or “W”) will indicate physical color; “B” for natural colored or “W” for white.

The Association has also established standards for artificial insemination of ewes. Contact the Association Secretary for additional information prior to beginning the process.

Each breeder should use a private ear tag or tattoo with a unique number on it for each animal. This must be done prior to, or at weaning. Breeders must also choose a farm name for their flock, or use some form of their own name or initials, along with the farm tag number, when registering sheep.

Application for the registration of animals must be presented to the Association Secretary on forms provided by the ARBA. A fee schedule and registration requirements are included on the form. A copy of the registration form, the registration requirements, and the fee schedule may all be found on this web site.

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