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Young Shepherds

Romneys for Young Shepherds

American Romney Breeders Association Young ShepherdsMany young people will find Romneys to be an ideal breed for showing and for establishing a purebred flock. Because Romneys are of quiet temperament and readily bond to a youth who spends time with them, they are easily trained for the show ring.

Romney fleeces offer youth a second opportunity to participate in fairs or shows because they often place very high in shows and frequently sell to handspinners directly from shows. Since Romney wool is one of the easiest to spin by hand, many younger shepherds learn to spin and may participate in spinning contests. Some create garments from their Romney wool and participate in lead line classes or make-it-yourself-with-wool events.

American Romney Breeders Association Young ShepherdsMany younger shepherds are increasingly turning to Romneys when selecting a breed to raise for project lambs. With some grain and good management, the lambs will reach an ideal 110-to-120 pound market weight in four-to-six months. Excellent market lambs can also be produced by crossing with any traditional meat breed.

Another consideration for young people is raising Romneys for sale as breeding stock. The breed’s expanding popularity provides opportunities to sell to other youth or adults.

Whether youth choose Romneys for market lambs or breeding, the animals can grow to be fine sheep that will be a credit to the breed and show off a young person’s ability as a shepherd.

American Romney Breeders Association Young Shepherds

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