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ARBA committees are created by and report to the Board of Directors. Current committees include:

Advertising Committee

Rick Trojanoski (chair), Melissa Trojanoski, Jeff Stump, Tracy Haslem and Theresa Walker

Education Committee

Penny Swearingen (chair),  Melissa Wubben and Patricia Sanville

Website Advisory Committee

Stephanie Booren (chair) and Charlene Carlisle, Patty Sanville and Whitney Freeman

Youth Committee

Charlene Carlisle (chair), Stacy Schmoll, Emma Rogers and Willis Plank

AI/ET Committee

(See also the ARBA A.I. Policies Page)

Marianne DiTaranto (chair), Teresa Hromis, Jeff Stump, Tracy Haslem, Cindy Cieciwa and Charlene Carlisle

Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee

Marianne DiTaranto (chair), Penny Swearingen (Bylaws lead), Cindy Cieciwa (Policies and Procedures lead), Sue Kalina, Scarlet Lamphier and Rick Trojanoski

National Show and Sale Committee

Stephanie Booren (chair), Jeff Stump, Charlene Carlisle, Tracy Haslem, Ethan Kennedy, Marianne DiTaranto, Teresa Hromis and Stacy Schmoll

Ways and Means Committee

Sue Kalina (chair), Anne Lahner-McIntyre, Charlene Carlisle and Georgina Anderson

Membership Committee

Rick Trojanoski (chair), Georgina Anderson, Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Scarlet Lamphier and Stacy Schmoll

Refer to the Officers & Directors page for ARBA Board Members’ contact information.

American Romney Breeders Association
American Romney Breeders Association
American Romney Breeders Association
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