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Membership Mentors

by Site Admin on February 3, 2019

A number of Romney breeders have volunteered to assist with questions related to the association, sheep management, marketing, wool processing and needs specific to your program. Please use this resource in helping to realize results with your Romneys. Please go to the Membership Mentors page to see the PDF document listing the mentors.

Post image for Article from Junior Member Adeline Skidmore in Maryland

This year is the first year we lambed on our farm. Lambs are so sweet and cute. They are even cute when they are first born. My ewe Sarah had two ram lambs. She licked them to clean them up and I thought that was really gross. When my mom said we had to go Pearl was lambing it was 3:00am! I jumped out of bed had my muck boots on the wrong feet and forgot my jacket. Pearl lost her only lamb, and that was very sad. I learned that being a farmer is hard and can be really emotional. I have two more ewes to lamb and I’m hoping they go without any problems. I have also learned to bundle up and do my chores even when it’s REALLY COLD. Stiff fingers are hard to work with, thank goodness for gloves. Next year I’m hoping to make a pair of wool ones so I can be just as warm as the lambs!

Good luck lambing on your farm!

Winter 2019 District 4 Report

by Site Admin on January 12, 2019

Happy New Year! Here in Oregon we are heading into lambing season, as I am sure many Romney breeders throughout the country are. Some of you may have already started lambing or finished lambing already.

Here in western Oregon we have mild, wet winters but this winter we have been experiencing lower rainfall than usual. This combined with the dry summer and late arrival of rains means our pastures are not as lush as they would normally be this time of year. This has resulted in having to feed our flock extra to maintain a healthy body condition during the winter months.This is especially important as inadequate flock nutrition can cause pregnancy complications. We are expecting our first lambs toward the end of January and are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Congratulations to all who competed in the show ring during 2018 and best wishes to you all during lambing season!

Nicole Murray
District 4 Regional Director

Please see the following document:

Vendor Application for 2019 Scio Fat Lamb Fiber Festival