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ARBA Futurity Rankings 2018

by Site Admin on September 13, 2018

ARBA is happy to announce current futurity standings based on all score cards submitted as of today, September 21st, 2018. Point cards will be collected through the end of the year with winner announced the beginning of January.

White Wool

Home Raised Ewe Lamb
  Weston Pettit (OH) ~ Pettit 1001 ~ 5 pts

Purchased White Ewe Lambs
  Callie Burgess (OH) ~ PFR 1005 ~ 14 pts
  Catherine Hromis (NH) ~ Little Hooves 7169 ~ 14 pts
  Anne Nichols (OR) ~ Kalina 848 ~ 13 pts
  Ava Jo Hayes (NJ) ~ Little Hooves 884 ~ 9 pts
  Lydia Henry (OH) ~ Little Hooves 812 ~ 7 pts
  Courtney Lyman (MA) ~ Thistledown 801 ~ 4 pts
  Megan Zallen (MI) ~ Plank Sheep Farm ~ 3 pts

Home Raised Yearling Ewes
  Catherine Hromis (NH) ~ Winding Wicks 0049 ~ 6 pts

Purchased Yearling Ewe
  Weston Pettit (OH) ~ Little Hooves 733 ~ 7 pts
  Addison Wolff (OR) ~ Kalina 713 ~ 7 pts

NC Wool

Home Raised Ewe Lambs
  Teresa Hromis ~ Winding Wicks 54 ~ 15 pts
  Courtney Lyman ~ Lyman 1802 ~ 14 pts
  Caitlin Plank ~ E/C Plank 1812 ~ 7 pts
  Caitlin Plank ~ E/C Plank 1807 ~ 4 pts
  Caitlin Plank ~ E/C Plank 1810 ~ 4 pts

Purchased Ewe Lambs
  Ellis Rincker ~ Little Hooves 8107 ~ 23 pts
  Malorie Schmoll ~ E/C Plank 1820 ~ 2 pts
  Megan Zallen ~ Plank Sheep Farm 1559 ~ 4 pts

Home Raised Yearling Ewes
  Teresa Hromis ~ Winding Wicks 0039 ~ 32 pts

Purchased Yearling Ewes
  Weston Pettit (OH) ~ Little Hooves 736 ~ 8 pts

ARBA Board Meeting 8-11-2018

by Site Admin on September 5, 2018

The meeting of the board of the American Romney Breeders Association was called to order by President, Chris Posbergh at 1:06 p.m. August 11, 2018. Participating in the conference call were Posbergh, Randy Thompson, Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Charlene Carlisle, Emma Rogers, Allison Seyfert, Don Burgess, Nicole Murray, Carol Pasheilich, Betsy McPherson and ARBA Secretary, JoAnn Mast.

Please download this PDF for the complete minutes of the meeting.

Romney Ramblings – Fall 2018

by Site Admin on September 5, 2018

Post image for Romney Ramblings – Fall 2018

Ramblings Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 issue of Romney Ramblings is now available. Download your own copy here:
Romney Ramblings – Fall 2018 (2 MB PDF).

ARBA New Board Meeting 6-30-2018

by Site Admin on August 21, 2018

Board Minutes:  Saturday, June 30, 2018

President Chris Posbergh called the meeting of the ARBA board to order at 10:16 a.m. PDT on June 30, 2018.  The meeting was held at the home of Bessie and Sue Kalina, Oregon Romney breeders.  Bessie provided a comfortable meeting room and treated board members with fresh fruit, muffins and beverages.  Members in attendance included Posbergh, Randy Thompson, Scott Culver, Don Burgess, Charlene Carlisle, Anne McIntyre Lahner, Emma Rogers, Betsy McPherson, Carol Pasheilich, Nicole Murray and JoAnn Mast.

The secretary provided copies of the minutes from the June 29 Board Meeting and addressed any questions regarding the board meeting and annual meeting held the evening of June 29.  Edits indicated will be made prior to distribution of all minutes for approval. [click to continue…]