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Science Advisory Panel

by Site Admin on July 22, 2016

In response to recent events and member concerns, the ARBA Board of Directors has unanimously approved the formation of a Science Advisory Panel. This panel will work to advise the Board of Directors on scientific matters such as genetics, reproduction, nutrition, growth, etc. The panel will be composed of ARBA members from across the country with expertise in these fields to provide an up-to-date scientific perspective and information to guide the Board in making the best decisions for the breed. The first task this panel will work on is reviewing the Board’s decision regarding moorit in Romneys.

Moorit Romneys

by Site Admin on June 30, 2016

As some breeders may have noticed at Black Sheep Gathering this year, there were Moorit Romneys exhibited. These sheep originate from semen imported from New Zealand romney breeders and passed inspection prior to importation several years ago. These were registered in ARBA via the amnesty program and at that time it was not known to the board that they were moorit. At this time these sheep will remain registered as purebred romneys through ARBA. Moving forward there will be a designation at the beginning of the registration numbers to keep track of moorit within the American Romney population. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Chris Posbergh
ARBA President

ARBA Elects New Board Members

by Site Admin on June 29, 2016

The results of the recent election are in. Returning to serve on the board are Director at Large, Anne McIntyre Lahner; District 2 Director, Allison Seyfert Streaker; and District 6 Director, Betsy McPherson. Joining the board as District 4 Director is Sue Kalina.

District 4 Regional Show – July 13, 2016

by Site Admin on June 24, 2016

District 4 Regional Show is happening during the Linn County Fair in Albany, OR. Romney classes will be judged Wednesday, July 13 in the afternoon.

Sponsors are needed to make this an event comparable to those held previously. A $25 donation will support special recognition for one class in the open or junior show. If you would like to be listed as an award donor, please send payment and information to:

ARBA sec/treas JoAnn Mast
58221 Lee Valley Road
Coquille, OR 97423