ARBA committees are created by and report to the Board of Directors. Current committees include:

Advertising Committee

Carolynn Harwell, Chair; Don Burgess, Betsy McPherson, Ethan Kennedy, Hilary Chapin, Allison Streaker, Charlene Carlisle

Education Committee

Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Chair; Hilary Chapin, Carolynn Harwell, JoAnn Mast, Betsy McPherson, Chris Posburgh, Randy Thompson, Margaret VanCamp

Website Advisory Committee

Randy Thompson, Chair; Charlene Carlisle, JoAnn Mast, Ethan Kennedy

Youth Committee

Charlene Carlisle, Chair; Katherine Moore, Hilary Chapin, Ethan Kennedy, Allison Streaker

AI/ET Committee

(See also the ARBA A.I. Policies Page)

Scott Culver, Chair; Karen Nichols, Carolynn Harwell

Bylaws Committee

Scott Culver, Chair; Karen Nichols, Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Katherine Moore

Policies & Procedures Committee

Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Chair; Chris Posbergh, Katherine Moore

Refer to the Officers & Directors page for ARBA Board Members’ contact information.

Updated 2/28/2017

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