ARBA Juniors at NAILE

ARBA Juniors at NAILE

Welcome to the ARBA Junior page – dedicated to our enthusiastic young members!

The ARBA mission statement for youth is:

“To encourage youth to care and maintain Romney sheep as a way of learning responsibility. To encourage youth to join with other Romney youth to learn sportsmanship, enhance social skills, ethical behavior, leadership traits and a better understanding of success and failure.”

Ethan and Caitlin Plank (from Michigan)

For more information on Romneys for youth, see:

Our latest articles relating to ARBA Juniors are listed below. For older Juniors articles, check our Juniors Archive.

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Exciting Junior Event for the 2020 Annual Meeting

by Site Admin on October 7, 2020

The Education and Youth Committees have put their virtual imaginations together in an attempt to provide something fun and educational for our Junior Members. It has been a tough year with minimal shows or person to person contact. It is our hope that this activity will fill that void a little, nothing will replace the thrill of the showring, or the fun of laughing with your friends while working on Romneys or eating pizza in one hand with your hand trimmers in the other, but it is our desire to at least help you meet some of the other juniors from across the US. None of us are in this alone and just maybe, learning a little about members from other districts will bring us closer together, and close the distance between us. A more detailed out line will be developing as it gets closer to ARBA’s Annual Meeting weekend (October 17th and 18th, 2020). Everything will be virtual this year, so bear with us as we work out all the details.

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All-American Junior Sheep Show

by Site Admin on February 16, 2020

The 27th Annual All-American Junior Sheep Show is being held in Michigan July 2-5, 2020. The Michigan Planning Committee has a great opportunity for you to advertise your farm. For $75 you can have your farm business card put in a breed directory which each exhibitor will receive in their Welcome Bag.

The AAJSS will attract approximately 500 exhibitors and their families from across the United States to this year’s event. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your farm to every family through a professionally printed breed directory.

Hosting an event of this size is not possible without your contribution. Please consider making a $75 contribution and share your business card with the Michigan Planning Committee. Your advertisement will help ensure the 27th AAJSS is a success.

Please email your business card (size at 3.5 x 2 inch) in a high resolution PDF or JPEG to Lisa Reiff at michiganfairs@gmail.com. If you need assistance with creating a business card Lisa is willing to create one for you. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2020.

A check for $75 made out to the Michigan Sheep Producers Association and mailed to:
    Lisa Reiff
    15394 West Austin Rd
    Manchester, MI 48158

Thank you for considering this great marketing opportunity.

2019 ARBA Futurity Results

by Site Admin on January 30, 2020

Please see the following document:

2019 ARBA Futurity Results

August Romney Youth Article

by Site Admin on July 28, 2019

By: Morgan Fitzsimmons

It’s hard to believe that another All-American Junior show has come and gone. This was my first year as a Romney exhibitor at the All-American and it was truly an exciting and wonderful show. Many exhibitors were able to see their hard work and efforts pay off. The All American was run well by the many volunteers who worked to make sure the show was a success. It was great to be introduced to Romney breeders from the east to the west coast and create new connections to last a lifetime. Congratulations to all the youth exhibitors who participated in the show. In total there were 47 head of Romneys exhibited.

The National Romney Show and Sale will be coming to Wisconsin during the Sheep and Wool Festival on September 6th and 7th. The Sheep and Wool Festival has been a tradition in Wisconsin for many generations. The festival has visitors from across the country and many activities and events. As a Wisconsin native there are some sights to see and foods you should try before leaving Wisconsin. First, you have to try the cheese. When I say cheese, I’m not talking about only cow cheese but also sheep or goat cheese. Due to Wisconsin’s diverse dairy we are home to many unique cheeses including sheep cheese! If you are looking to take some time away from the show, there are wonderful trails, state parks, and lakes that are beautiful in the fall. There is never a shortage of good places to eat and visit while in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the dairy state, but it is full of passionate people who love their sheep. it is very exciting to welcome Romneys to the dairy state.

As a new junior member, I am excited for the upcoming shows. Good luck and best wishes to everyone as they show at state fairs and wrap up summer. I hope to see you in Wisconsin this fall!

Article by Zane Van Horsen

by Site Admin on April 4, 2019

Hi! Lambing has just been winding down for us here in Oregon. Lambing season is always my favorite, but its end is always a highlight because no more night checks and finally getting to sleep more than 4 hours at a time! After some really weird weather (snow in the Willamette Valley is unheard of), the sun is out, the grass is green, and the lambs are growing! It is soon going to be weaning time and that’s when I get to find the treasures I didn’t know I had. My family did laparoscopic artificial insemination last year in the late summer with rams from New Zealand and at the beginning of this year we got to see the results! Gorgeous lambs ranging from white to moorit to grey were born and I’m so excited to see how their fleeces grow out. My show flock is going to be awesome this year, and I’m so ready for show season to begin. My family is going to be trekking all the way to Wisconsin for the National Show. I’m so excited! I’ve never had the opportunity to show so far away from home, and I’m sure I’m going to meet some awesome people and make new friends when I’m there!

Post image for Article from Junior Member Adeline Skidmore in Maryland

This year is the first year we lambed on our farm. Lambs are so sweet and cute. They are even cute when they are first born. My ewe Sarah had two ram lambs. She licked them to clean them up and I thought that was really gross. When my mom said we had to go Pearl was lambing it was 3:00am! I jumped out of bed had my muck boots on the wrong feet and forgot my jacket. Pearl lost her only lamb, and that was very sad. I learned that being a farmer is hard and can be really emotional. I have two more ewes to lamb and I’m hoping they go without any problems. I have also learned to bundle up and do my chores even when it’s REALLY COLD. Stiff fingers are hard to work with, thank goodness for gloves. Next year I’m hoping to make a pair of wool ones so I can be just as warm as the lambs!

Good luck lambing on your farm!

The American Romney Breeders Association is happy and proud to announce the following Futurity placings.   

White Wool
Home Raised Ewe Lamb
    Weston Pettit (OH)    Pettit 1001            1st place
Purchased White Ewe Lambs
   Courtney Lyman (MA)   Thistledown 801            1st place 
   Catherine Hromis (NH)   Little Hooves 7169       2nd place
   Anne Nichols (OR)   Kalina 848                           3rd place
   Callie Burgess (OH)   PFR 1005                         4th place
   Ava Jo Hayes (NJ)     Little Hooves 884              5th place
   Lydia Henry (OH)   Little Hooves 812                  6th place    
   Megan Zallen (MI)   Plank Sheep Farm               7th place

Home Raised Yearling Ewes
   Catherine Hromis (NH)   Winding Wicks 0049        1st place  
Purchased Yearling Ewe
    Addison Wolff (OR)    Kalina 713                     1st place  
    Weston Pettit (OH)   Little Hooves 733            2nd place  
NC Wool 
Home Raised Ewe Lambs
    Teresa Hromis (NH)    Winding Wicks 54               1st place        
    Courtney Lyman (MA)   Lyman 1802                      2nd place 
    Caitlin Plank (MI)   E/C Plank 1812                        3rd place 
    Caitlin Plank (MI)   E/C Plank 1807                         4th place
    Caitlin Plank (MI)   E/C Plank 1810                        5th place  
Purchased Ewe Lambs
    Ellis Rincker (MI)     Little Hooves 8107                 1st place
    Megan Zallen (MI)    Plank Sheep Farm 1559       2nd place
    Malorie Schmoll (WI)    E/C Plank 1820                3rd place
Home Raised Yearling Ewes
    Teresa Hromis (NH)    Winding Wicks 0039            1st place
Purchased Yearling Ewes
    Weston Pettit (OH)    Little Hooves 736                1st place

Hayley Hares Article

by Site Admin on November 2, 2018

Greetings everyone from Auburn NY! My name is Hayley Hares, and this is my second year owning and showing Romney sheep.

I got my first two Romney’s last summer from a friend of mine Phebe Alley, and well ever since then they are like potato chips, you just can’t have two! Being raised on a dairy farm my whole life, I showed cows, and have been for eight plus years. When I told my dad I wanted to show sheep he literally thought I was nuts, as that he isn’t a sheep person, and enjoys cows. The first show I took my two Romney’s to was my NY State Fair, and yes I had no idea what I was doing! I noticed in the sheep world, people are so nice and willing to help one another out.

After the fair, I got looking into more farms with Romney’s and that’s when I found two great breeders, Charlene Carlisle and Ethan Kennedy. Purchasing one from Charlene and two from Ethan, I’m up to four Romney’s so far. This summer and fall I did more shows, and with the help from Ethan at my NY state fair and help from Charlene and Ethan at the Big E show, I’ve learned so much from them, and appreciate the help so much. They have been so nice and friendly to my mom and I! I’ve met some nice people in the sheep showing world, and just how friendly and helpful they are that I’ve really enjoyed showing Romney’s. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and continue showing sheep! Already looking forward to 2019 showing!