ARBA Juniors at NAILE

ARBA Juniors at NAILE

Welcome to the ARBA Junior page – dedicated to our enthusiastic young members!

The ARBA mission statement for youth is:

“To encourage youth to care and maintain Romney sheep as a way of learning responsibility. To encourage youth to join with other Romney youth to learn sportsmanship, enhance social skills, ethical behavior, leadership traits and a better understanding of success and failure.”

Ethan and Caitlin Plank (from Michigan)

For more information on Romneys for youth, see:

Our latest articles relating to ARBA Juniors are listed below. For older Juniors articles, check our Juniors Archive.

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2015 Overall Futurity Results

by Site Admin on January 10, 2016

White Ewe Lambs
1st Place Callie Burgess, OH Little Hooves 527 Little Hooves Romneys, NJ
2nd Place Ellora Chapin, NH Morton 0113 Emma Morton, RI
Natural Colored Ewe Lambs
1st Place Callie Burgess, OH AF1335NC Anchorage Farms, NY
2nd Place Ethan Kennedy, NY Little Hooves 5112 Little Hooves Romneys, NJ

National Junior Romney Show Results – 2015

by Site Admin on December 2, 2015

Clark County WA, August 2015

White Romney Classes:
Yearling Ram – Anne Nichols, Sam Wolf
Fall Ram Lamb – Nichols, Travis Haslem, Nichols, Haslem
Spring Ram Lamb – Haslem 1,2,3,5, Nichole Murray 4, Wolf 6
Pair of Ram Lambs – Haslem 1,3, Nichols 2
Champion Ram – Nichols (Fall Lamb)
Res. Champ Ram – Nichols (Yearling)
Yearling Ewe – Nichols 1,2, Murray 3,6, Wolf 4,5, Haslem 7, 8, 9
Pair of Yearling Ewes – Wolf, Murray, Haslem
Fall Ewe Lamb – Nichols 1,2
Spring Ewe Lamb – Wolf 1,5, Nichols 2, Haslem 3,4,8,9, Murray 6,7
Pair of Ewe Lambs – Murray, Nichols, Wolf, Haslem 4,5
Champion Ewe – Nichols (Yearling)
Res. Champ Ewe – Wolf (Spring Lamb)
Young Flock – Nichols, Murray, Wolf, Haslem
Exhibitors Flock – Nichols, Wolf, Murray, Haslem
Best Pair – Haslem, Nichols, Wolf, Murray
Best Headed – Nichols
Best Fleece – Murray
Premier Exhibitor – Anne Nichols

Natural Colored Romney Classes
Yearling Ram – Nichole Murray
Spring Ram Lamb – Morgan Wolf, Murray
Champion Ram – Murray (Yearling)
Res. Champ Ram – Wolf (Spring Lamb)
Yearling Ewe – Wolf 1,2
Pair Yearling Ewes – Wolf
Fall Ewe Lamb – Anne Nichols
Spring Ewe Lamb – Wolf 1,3 Murray 2,4
Pair of Ewe Lambs – Wolf, Murray
Champion Ewe – Nichols (Fall Lamb)
Res. Champ Ewe – Wolf (Spring Lamb)
Young Flock – Wolf, Murray
Exhibitors Flock – Wolf
Best Pair – Wolf, Murray
Best Headed – Nichols
Best Fleece – Wolf
Premier Exhibitor – Morgan Wolf

NAILE Junior Romney Show Results – 2015

by Site Admin on December 2, 2015

White and Natural Colored Romney
Senior Ram Lamb – Ethan Plank, Ethan Kennedy
Junior Ram Lamb – Ethan Kennedy 1,2, Ethan Plank
Champion Ram – Ethan Kennedy (Junior Ram Lamb)
Res Champ Ram – Ethan Plank (Senior Ram Lamb)
Best Fleece Ram – Ethan Plank (Senior Ram Lamb)
Yearling Ewe – Ethan Kennedy 1,2
Senior Ewe Lamb – Callie Burgess 1,5, Ethan Kennedy 2,3, Ethan Plank 4
Junior Ewe Lamb – Ethan Kennedy 1,2, Teresa Hromis 3, Ethan Plank 4, Catherin Hromis 5
Champion Ewe – Ethan Kennedy (Yearling Ewe)
Res Champ Ewe – Ethan Kennedy (Yearling Ewe)
Best Fleece Ewe – Callie Burgess

Additional information can be found on the NAILE website sheep show results.

Great Opportunity For Youth Showman

by Site Admin on April 20, 2015


Here is a great opportunity for Youth Sheep Showman – two great shows at the same fairgrounds, one week apart in July – how can you go wrong?!!?!!

This year the North East Youth Sheep Show will be held a week earlier than usual making it closer in time to the All American Junior Show. The North East Youth Show dates are July 10 thru 12, 2015. Both youth events will be held in the Mallary Livestock Complex at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Both shows are open to Youth Exhibitors 21 years old and younger (the All American is by July 1st unless otherwise specified by the breed requirements and the North East Youth Sheep Show is open to all kids 21 years and under as of January 1st).

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ARBA 2014 Overall Futurity Results

by Site Admin on January 28, 2015

White Ewe Lambs
1st Place Callie Burgess, OH Pitchfork 782 Pitchfork Ranch, MI
2nd Place Katie Hacker, IN Plank Farms 1255 Plank Sheep Farm, MI
3rd Place Katie Hacker, IN Chapin 124 Smiling Sheep Farm, NH
Natural Colored Ewe Lambs
1st Place Katie Bombria, CT Thistle Down 419 Thistle Down Farm, NY
2nd Place Emma Rogers, SD Thistle Down 417 Thistle Down Farm, NY
3rd Place Emma Rogers, SD Thistle Down 418 Thistle Down Farm, NY


NAILE 2014 – Junior Photo Slideshow

by Site Admin on December 3, 2014

District 3 Regional Show

by Site Admin on October 8, 2014

Post image for District 3 Regional Show

The district 3 regional show was held in Novi, Mi over the Labor Day holiday weekend. We had a total of 26 head in the Jr. show with 32 head in the open show. In the Jr. show, Caitlin Plank won champion ram and ewe in the natural colored division and Katie Hacker and Ethan Plank winning champion ram and ewe respectfully in the white division. The open show champions were a little different with Penny Swearingen winning the champion ram and Katie Hacker winning the champion ewe in natural colored division. The white open show champions were Ethan Plank winning both champion ram and ewe. The champions in each divisions were awarded certificates from donated sponsors. I would like to thank the sponsors which were the following: Banner Sales Management, Ketcham Sheep Equipment, and Mid-states Wool Growers. It should also be noted that Penny Swearingen won the champion over all fleece show with a natural colored fleece.

Caitlin Plank, Champion NC Ram

Caitlin Plank, Champion NC Ram

Caitlin Plank, Champion NC Ewe

Caitlin Plank, Champion NC Ewe

Katie Hacker, Champion White Ram

Katie Hacker, Champion White Ram

Ethan Plank, Champion White Ewe

Ethan Plank, Champion White Ewe

Northeast Youth Sheep Show (NEYSS) 2014

by Site Admin on July 29, 2014

Post image for Northeast Youth Sheep Show (NEYSS) 2014

Ethan Kennedy of NY with his Supreme Champion Flock

The NEYSS was a success once again. Romneys were well represented with 63 head and 17 youth. The sheep looked awesome. All were of good quality, fitted well and in good condition. Our kids are doing a great job. Every year the bar is set a little higher and our kids are taking that challenge seriously. The weekend is very busy with kids helping their friends show and then the help is reciprocated in the romney show ring. Most kids end up showing several breeds and the friendships made at this show will last a life time. The friends I have made at these shows, youth and adults, make my attendance not mandatory but a fun time that I look forward to. Many photos were taken and I tried to disperse them as best I could. Unfortunately I couldn’t identify everyone in the pictures when posting to FB. If anyone wants to tag folks or if you want any of the pics that I took, just give me a call, text or email.

I didn’t really have a lot of work to do this year at the show, so had more time to socialize. I spent a lot of time with romney breeders discussing next years shows in July….All American Jr Show will be in West Springfield, MA on July 3rd thru 5th, 2015 ….followed by the NEYSS the following weekend, both at the same facility (BigE fair grounds). Families traveling from afar or even close by will be able to leave their sheep in between shows. The idea behind this is to encourage folks to stay for both shows and travel from further distances. There will be a few days in between shows where families can relax, site see or whatever they desire. My personal hope is that we can plan some fun and educational events on these days where exhibitors, families and their siblings can participate. There should be folks around to help with your feeding if you leave for the day or need to go home etc. So most of my weekend time was spent gathering ideas from some very smart savvy exhibitors and family members. My head was swirling with ideas, now to make them happen. Information will follow as they develop.

To my knowledge, there was only one futurity lamb showed at the NEYSS. Katie Bombria purchased a very nice black ewe lamb from Ethan Kennedy in the Private Treaty Sale, held in conjunction with the NEYSS, and then showed it the following day. Congrats to Katie and family….and Ethan for consigning such a nice ewe.

Lastly, I am not going to list all the results of the shows because I was so proud of everyone, and they are all winners in my book. Results can be found on their web site. But I would like to mention that Supreme Flock was won by Ethan Kennedy of NY, this was the first time that Romneys have ever won this class and that is quite an honor.

Thanks for all the support from the youth and their families, and the folks who run this show every year.

Charlene Carlisle
Little Hooves Romneys